When Jesus Leaves Your Church, Follow Him

The Boeskool

I believe that the colossal national failure that made the election of Donald Trump possible was a theological one. I mean, yeah, I realize that ignorance played a big role as well… And I understand that a lot of people were deceived–both by fear, and by propaganda posing as legitimate journalism, put out by media outlets that value ideology over the truth. But more than this problem of trying to figure out what we know and what we don’t know–more than the epistemological crisis that is caused when the people we are supposed to be able to trust LIE to us with such regularity, while simultaneously calling true things “fake news” when those facts don’t fit peoples’ power-hungry agenda–I believe that the real problem we are facing as a nation is due to the way we answer these questions: Who is God? And who are we? And who is our neighbor? 

C3MBQVnUcAA5yyT.jpg-large.jpeg One of Jesus’ lesser-known…

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Generic Things I’ve learned

Bitter-sweet wisdom.

I'm with you Mommy.

Just thought I would share some things I’ve learned.

1. You can literally feel the moment your heart breaks over and over if you allow yourself to slow down and sit with it, which you have to do.

2. A lot of people will surprise you with their kindness and sometimes, it’s unexpected people. A lot of people will shock you with their shittiness. Thankfully for us we have had more of the kindness than anything.

3. Sobbing in the grocery store is a common thing with grieving Moms. It comes from no longer having to buy that one extra pizza, or one extra box of fish because the boy ate more than us.

4. Sobbing can literally hit at any time. It may be the glance at a toddler with blonde hair, the kindness you see someone do for someone else, the parent being hurtful to their child or…

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The Best Oven Fried Chicken

The best oven fried chicken – Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and baked right in the oven for easy cleanup.

Source: The Best Oven Fried Chicken

Chocolate Italian Love Cake

Perfect Valentine’s dessert! xo

Veronica's Cornucopia

I made this for our Valentine’s Day dessert because 1) it’s “Italian” (I put that in quotations because honestly, I think the only reason it’s called “Italian” is because there is ricotta cheese in it), so I thought it would go well with our Spaghetti & Meatballs, and 2) it’s a Love Cake, therefore perfect for Valentine’s Day. 🙂  However, I’m sharing this with you today, a regular non-Hallmark holiday day, because it’s simply a fantastic cake that should be enjoyed and made for those you love on any old day, not just days designated for celebrating your loved ones.

This cake is every bit as good as it looks.  I don’t like ricotta because of the texture, but it really works with this cake.  It’s not a heavy cake, which is dangerous, because it’s also addictive and the “lightness” makes it easier to trick yourself into thinking that…

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Dealing with the Fear of Doubt and of Questioning Religious Beliefs We have been Taught

Love this. It is ok to think and have doubts.

Jesus Without Baggage

Growing up a fundamentalist, and then 25 years as an evangelical, I witnessed a lot of fear and experienced significant fear myself. These very conservative environments are filled with fear and, to a large extent, are based on fear—fear of God, fear of hell, fear of making a mistake, fear of being wrong, and fear of being rejected by God (and the church).

One must constantly toe the line on God’s many requirements, believe all the right doctrines, and never waver. One of the greatest dangers is doubt; doubt is castigated as being from the devil, and we are warned of the dire consequences of being led astray—punishment in eternal hell fire. Security is found only in accepting tradition passed down as God’s own certain truth from one generation to another to another.

In these circles, having doubt is considered a loss of faith, so…

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Food: Pizza with Artichoke, Lemons and Spinach

Yummy! A must try.

Every week I search for new ways of making a meal from the old – if you know what I mean. I shop at Trader Joe’s every week and buy the same things –  the proteins, fresh organic veggies and fruits, and not so much starchy products. At most dutch potatoes. So I get online and search for recipes to try and I have to tell you my mouth was watering at the thought of this recipe:


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Never Follow Any Pastor Blindly

Very important stuff here.

Flee from Christian Fundamentalism

I am deeply troubled and feel deeply moved by a recent episode of The Hunt with John Walsh, which I just finished watching on the Cable News Network (CNN) tonight.  It was a powerful presentation—powerful almost beyond belief and hard to put into mere words here. Unfortunately, I cannot direct you to a video showing the entire presentation because one does not exist on-line at this time.  If you ever get a chance to see it on CNN, I would urge you to just drop everything else you are doing, sit down in the nearest chair, and watch every second of it. It highlights one of the most dangerous aspects of Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism in the United States today, and it beams a spotlight on the awful places one can end up personally and spiritually as a result of applying it in one’s own life. What is this…

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