Free Will

“Aligning any political regime with the divine realm is called “civil religion.” Though common in American politics, biblically speaking, civil religion is bad. Way bad”.-Pete Enns
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I used to think every time something happened that I couldn’t explain, or struggled with it was God’s will.
Even when everything was going my way I would attribute it to God’s favor on me. I was being blessed. There isn’t anything wrong with that, I love when life is “going” my way, I do try very hard to have a heart of gratitude.
But when I woke up the day after the presidential election I was stunned to find out that Donald Trump had actually been elected. I was not one of the reveler’s. I was sincerely shocked. The shock has not worn off. Gratitude was at a premium right about then.
Voicing my stunned disbelief at this presidential outcome has often been meant with comments like “It was God’s will that Trump is president”
Or “It’s over, time to move on”.
But my recent fav is this, “You’re a snow flake”. (A snow flake? I’m ok with that, I love snow, I miss snow, since the average temp in Tampa Bay hovers around 75* in January, call me a snowflake)
I would love to move on, really, I would!
I just don’t see that happening in the next four years. I would be thrilled to be wrong about DT, to be surprised by the president elect. But I’m not holding my breath. And I will be happy to eat crow, if I am proven wrong!
Political disagreement is one of the greater aspects of living here in the US. We can agree to disagree.
With that said, I don’t for one minute believe that God put Trump into the white house.
We the people did this and our electoral college sealed the deal.
It was not divine intervention on God’s part to keep Hillary Clinton out and put Donald Trump in.
Slinging around bible verses to support the “God’s will theory” is disingenuous at best. And at worst it makes God out to be a bully. (I don’t believe God is a bully. A mystery, yes, a bully, no).
If God put any one into ANY political office it would negate the much touted “we all have a free will” argument of many fundamentalist religions.
The “free will” discussion that I have with many lovely, fundamentalist friends is this:
“God does not send anyone to hell, we send ourselves to heaven or hell”.
This is a very traditional, fundamentalist view of salvation. By saying a certain prayer a certain way, in a certain order we choose to send ourselves to heaven.
And if we don’t say the prayer, we send ourselves to hell. But, even that has evolved somewhat into God will reveal himself to everyone. (Cool, but, that is another discussion).
My point is this” If we have a free will, we have it in all situations, we made a choice. And somehow, some way, the choice was Donald Trump as the president elect. God help us.


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