Never Follow Any Pastor Blindly

Very important stuff here.

Flee from Christian Fundamentalism

I am deeply troubled and feel deeply moved by a recent episode of The Hunt with John Walsh, which I just finished watching on the Cable News Network (CNN) tonight.  It was a powerful presentation—powerful almost beyond belief and hard to put into mere words here. Unfortunately, I cannot direct you to a video showing the entire presentation because one does not exist on-line at this time.  If you ever get a chance to see it on CNN, I would urge you to just drop everything else you are doing, sit down in the nearest chair, and watch every second of it. It highlights one of the most dangerous aspects of Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism in the United States today, and it beams a spotlight on the awful places one can end up personally and spiritually as a result of applying it in one’s own life. What is this…

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