A Tale of Two Sons

A Tale of Two Son’s.
They both are amazing young men, in spite of my many mis-steps as a single-mom when they were very young.

I want to thank my youngest son Eric for signing up five years ago to become an American Airman in the United States Air Force. I couldn’t be more proud and awed by your dedication to serving your country in so many parts of the world. I pray daily for you and the many, many others serving to protect our freedoms. We need you now more than ever. I love and miss you everyday. To my friends and family who have lost precious loved one’s to war, my heart breaks a thousand times over for you. May the peace that passes all understanding wash over you.

I am equally awed and inspired by my first born son Brett. Your bravery, tenacity and humor astounds me. Your trials have come at a deep cost too. As a gay man I can only guess the soul-crushing ridicule you have endured (and survived). Your battle is not necessarily fought on foreign soil. Your battle has many times been fought with the very people who should have loved you the most. Your inner strength is incredible to me.

With that said. I want to deeply and sincerely thank all of our men and women who have served in our armed forces, your sacrifices can not be measured.

I also want to give encouragement to my LGBTQ friends around the corner and around the world. You too, are some of the bravest, strongest people I have ever known. Don’t lose heart. You are loved and respected by more and more people every, single day.

Peace, hope and love on this Veteran’s Day. And a heart-felt thank you.300_444574


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