Easy Pumpkin Caramel Pull Apart Bread and The Pumpkin Lovers Cookbook

Super simple and super delicious treat to make any day. Pull apart bread easily made with pre-made dough, pumpkin, pecans and caramel. Warm, comforting bread with your morning tea.

Source: Easy Pumpkin Caramel Pull Apart Bread and The Pumpkin Lovers Cookbook It certainly does NOT feel like Fall yet, but I am gearing up. This looks over the top yummy for the pumpkin lovers among us!


The BEST grilled chicken marinade

The absolute best chicken marinade recipe! This easy to whip together marinade will become a summer (and even a winter!) staple. A yummy Labor Day dish!!

Source: The BEST grilled chicken marinade

Slow Cooker Coconut Cake Recipe

This Sinful Coconut Cake recipe is made in a slow cooker so it does not need any kind of babysitting at all. Perfect dessert for a busy celebration. Enjoy!

Source: Slow Cooker Coconut Cake Recipe


Simple recipe to achieve the BEST roasted chicken EVER! Thank you Thomas Keller !   1 whole chicken ( 4-5 pounds) 1 tbls flaked salt 1/2 tsp ground pepper Roasting pan, cast iron pan etc …

Source: The.Best.Roasted.Chicken.Ever.