What is Progressive Christianity?

I would claim Progressive Christianity. Depending on your convictions, those two words being conjoined, Progressive and Christianity, is a either a thing of beauty or you’re praying for me right now (which is much appreciated).-Joshua Scott

Joshua Adam Scott

In some ways talking about religion, any religion really, is the a rorschach test. You know, those ink blots that let the psychiatrist know what’s going on inside our heads. This was a actually a point of emphasis during my grad student days at WKU. One professor said that on the last day of the semester, after teaching students the basics of Buddhism for 15 or so weeks, he wanted to say something like this: “Now, forget everything you’ve learned. You know nothing about Buddhism, because no one actually practices the way you’ve been taught. There’s no such thing as Buddhism; there are only Buddhisms.”

Shocking? Not really. The reality is we try to boil things down to a manageable size so we can understand it. We want all the information about these ancient, complex traditions in a nutshell. Yet, what matters most is how these traditions are lived out…

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