The tongue has the power of life and death. Choose wisely.

So true, so right. Stop hating what you don’t understand Landon Schott.


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In his book, “Gay Awareness: Discovering the Heart of God and the Mind of Christ on Sexuality”, Landon Schott, a young hip pastor out of Austin, TX, demonstrates a severe lack of understanding when it comes to human sexuality by ignoring what medical and mental health professionals have to say on the subject. He also doesn’t bother with original language or historical context when interpreting scripture and makes up stuff out of the blue declaring that LGBT people and those who advocate for them are deceived and possessed by demons.

Not only does Schott twist scripture and ignore facts but he goes on to say LGBT people often fail to believe that God has “delivered” them from being gay because they are unaware that they are dealing with many demons – tens of thousands of demons … maybe even millions of demons.

He writes, “There is not just one spirit…

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