Let it Go

Historically speaking there are upheavals in Christianity at fairly regular intervals. One obvious example is Martin Luther and the 95 thesis.

He questioned what he saw as misinterpretations in the way “church” was being done. He ultimately made huge changes in the world of Christianity.

I believe we are seeing some huge changes in the way we “do” church today, in what is being called Progressive Christianity. A new and fresh way of looking at God, scripture and Jesus.

Progressives are not changing God or his “word”, just re-framing it.

When words like re-framing pop up in Christendom, it does cause many a knee jerk reaction.

I get that. When ever the status quo is challenged it rocks many Christ followers world. We tend to like what is comfortable and familiar and after all it is all we have ever heard, it is the only way we have ever done church!

That’s OK, God moves us at different times and in different ways. I love the lyrics to this song by James Bay.   https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?p=why+don%27t+you+be+you+and+i%27ll+be+me&ei=UTF-8&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-002



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