What is Progressive Christianity?

I would claim Progressive Christianity. Depending on your convictions, those two words being conjoined, Progressive and Christianity, is a either a thing of beauty or you’re praying for me right now (which is much appreciated).-Joshua Scott

Joshua Adam Scott

In some ways talking about religion, any religion really, is the a rorschach test. You know, those ink blots that let the psychiatrist know what’s going on inside our heads. This was a actually a point of emphasis during my grad student days at WKU. One professor said that on the last day of the semester, after teaching students the basics of Buddhism for 15 or so weeks, he wanted to say something like this: “Now, forget everything you’ve learned. You know nothing about Buddhism, because no one actually practices the way you’ve been taught. There’s no such thing as Buddhism; there are only Buddhisms.”

Shocking? Not really. The reality is we try to boil things down to a manageable size so we can understand it. We want all the information about these ancient, complex traditions in a nutshell. Yet, what matters most is how these traditions are lived out…

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Tell Yourself “Yes”.

When a reporter asked Thomas Edison “How did it feel to fail at making the light bulb 1.000 times? Thomas replied: “I didn’t fail, the first light bulb was an invention with 1.000 steps”. Word.

What is your dream? Lose weight? Run a successful business? Become a movie star? Find true love? What ever you do, don’t give up.

If the Star Bucks dude, Howard Schultz had taken no for an answer when he was turned down by 242 banks, there would be no Star Bucks. I shudder at the thought.

Hold your head up. Keep moving forward. You you are your own yes. 

I joined a fast growing skin care line one year ago. I am not living in a mansion, I am not driving a Land Rover, I am not traveling around the world, I am not throwing big sums of money at the causes that melt my heart. Yet.

So here is why I get up, flip open my lap top, slug down some coffee and push ahead. In a word it is “Why”?

“Why” can change your world. Ask your self the often quoted “What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail”? And then do it. Don’t settle for conventional. If you settle for conventional you WILL get conventional results. Step outside of the same old, same old and rock your own world.

Oh yes, Meryl Streep did not get the part of the damsel in distress in one of the remakes of  King Kong because she was told she was too ugly. Oh pity the dumb dude who made that mistake. Meryl quite obviously did not take that too seriously and decided to rock her own world. 

And we all know how that turned out.

IMG_6732You’ve got this.



The tongue has the power of life and death. Choose wisely.

So true, so right. Stop hating what you don’t understand Landon Schott.


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In his book, “Gay Awareness: Discovering the Heart of God and the Mind of Christ on Sexuality”, Landon Schott, a young hip pastor out of Austin, TX, demonstrates a severe lack of understanding when it comes to human sexuality by ignoring what medical and mental health professionals have to say on the subject. He also doesn’t bother with original language or historical context when interpreting scripture and makes up stuff out of the blue declaring that LGBT people and those who advocate for them are deceived and possessed by demons.

Not only does Schott twist scripture and ignore facts but he goes on to say LGBT people often fail to believe that God has “delivered” them from being gay because they are unaware that they are dealing with many demons – tens of thousands of demons … maybe even millions of demons.

He writes, “There is not just one spirit…

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Let it Go

Historically speaking there are upheavals in Christianity at fairly regular intervals. One obvious example is Martin Luther and the 95 thesis.

He questioned what he saw as misinterpretations in the way “church” was being done. He ultimately made huge changes in the world of Christianity.

I believe we are seeing some huge changes in the way we “do” church today, in what is being called Progressive Christianity. A new and fresh way of looking at God, scripture and Jesus.

Progressives are not changing God or his “word”, just re-framing it.

When words like re-framing pop up in Christendom, it does cause many a knee jerk reaction.

I get that. When ever the status quo is challenged it rocks many Christ followers world. We tend to like what is comfortable and familiar and after all it is all we have ever heard, it is the only way we have ever done church!

That’s OK, God moves us at different times and in different ways. I love the lyrics to this song by James Bay.   https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?p=why+don%27t+you+be+you+and+i%27ll+be+me&ei=UTF-8&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-002


Would you still be beautiful?

So true. So important.


I often hear Christians saying words about and to  LGBT people that break my heart.


Going to hell

Not pleasing




I love you, but …


Not welcome


I wonder how they would feel if those words suddenly appeared on their skin?

Would they still think of the words as holy?  Would they still feel good about themselves?

Maybe if they looked in the mirror and saw those words written on their skin they would be compelled to try on some new words …






If the words you say to others and about others suddenly appeared on your face … would you still be beautiful?

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