Tuna Noodle Casseroles

baked-spaghetti-casserole-7-600x900 When you have a gay child LGBT issues begin to take up a great deal of your thought process.

When our oldest son was outed by his “Christian” school my knee jerk reaction was how are we going to fix this? What will people think of us?


How things have changed, and for the better. Life has a way of doing  this sometimes, doesn’t it?

When your child comes out (or in our precious son’s case unceremoniously outed by your church/school) your world WILL spin off its axis. How awesome it would be if every family could skip the earth shattering phase.  For some parents this spinning out of control phase will NOT be automatic. For those of us with a Fundamentalist Christian back ground, your world will be nauseatingly rocked.

And silent. Very, very silent.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if we had a birth, death or illness my kitchen would have been flooded with cakes and casseroles.

But a child being outed in a conservative, fundamentalist community means sweeping that big pink elephant under the proverbial rug. I get it. I was there, I lived it. The fear and lack of understanding can be paralyzing.  The “abomination” word doesn’t exactly bring the tuna noodle casseroles rushing through your front door. No, if you have a gay child in a fundamentalist community it will be more like crickets chirping.


Looking in life’s rear view mirror gives me pause. I wish I knew then, what I clearly understand now. Don’t we all…………

Moving forward, let me say this. If you have a LGBT child, friend, sibling, co-worker,  or where ever you find people who are not wired just like you, let me ask you to try and understand that they are who they are because they too, were designed by the masterful, loving hand of God. (I won’t get into any theological wranglings here. I have finally learned to trust my journey and let God deal with others journey’s).

This is heretical to some.

Not to me. Not ever again.

Peace, hope, love and tuna noodle casseroles.




2 thoughts on “Tuna Noodle Casseroles

  1. Yes, sister, YES!!! I too know that path well, and I wouldn’t go back to who I was before this journey even if I could. I just LOVE better now :-)) Tyou!! Love you, Beth

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