How then shall we live?

starbucks-red-cup-600x800Social media has been saturated with “Red Cups”. (Don’t blink this “culture war” is probably already over and done with as I write). But before I move on, let me add my two cents. Some offense has been taken by the lack of Christmas images on this years Star Bucks holiday cup. I’m not entirely sure if snow flakes, sledding, and other “secular” images really ever did capture the birth of Jesus, but, whatever. Onward Christian Soldiers.

Christians, the holidays, probably more than any other time of the year is the time to put down your weapons, and pick up your cross.

 Maybe God is doing a new thing? Is He calling Jesus followers to lay down our weapons and pick up our towels? Could He be calling us to wash the feet of others, to anoint our fellow humans lavishly with fragrant oil? Now is the time to open our tables to the least of these. Love others as we want to be loved. I know there is fear in change. There is trepidation in looking at our fellow humans through a lens of love instead a lens of skepticism.

Every day I ask God, am I doing this right? Have I stepped too far from center?  He whispers back to me to keep going. It’s ok if other’s don’t get it. No two journey’s will look exactly alike.

 Now back to the “plain red cups”. Maybe we, as the church, should remember what Jesus said in Luke 10:27: “Love the Lord you God with all of your passion and prayer and muscle and intelligence-and love your neighbor as well as you do yourself.

 This holiday season Jesus might want a few more representatives, and a few less henchmen.


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