Must try.


This is not your ordinary burger. This is my “Pakistani” burger. It’s mainly different from your ordinary burgers because it is loaded with spices that are traditionally used a lot in Pakistani cooking. It’s packed full of flavor and has an extra bonus of having a ooey-gooey cheesy interior. It’s basically a flavor explosion in your mouth. Alright then, let’s get cooking….


Step 1) Take your ground meat, spices, herbs, onion, ginger/garlic, green chili, and put it all in a bowl. Then mix everything together until thoroughly incorporated.


Step 2) Make two thin patties. In one of the patty add some cheese. Then to seal it up, take the patty without any cheese and place on top of the patty with cheese. Finally, seal up the edges and your done.

~Side note, wet your hand before you work with meat. It helps the meat from sticking to your hands.


Step 3) In a…

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