Chocolate Wedding Cupcakes | Recipe Girl

Chocolate Wedding Cupcakes | Recipe Girl.

Super yummy for any occasion!


Recipe for Prosciutto & Parmigiano Stuffed Mushrooms | DeLallo Recipes

Recipe for Prosciutto & Parmigiano Stuffed Mushrooms | DeLallo Recipes.

Another version of what would be an amazing New Year’s Eve finger food…………….somebody stop me.

Easy Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe | Recipe Girl

Easy Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe | Recipe Girl.

I played hookie from church and have been surfing Pinterest…………… waist line will pay for this : )

And How Was Your Christmas?


Another one bites the dust. Christmas that is. No indictment on my Savior, just a sigh of relief that I can get back to my day to day brand of crazy. Every year I tell myself: ” Next Christmas we all are going to a cabin in the woods and chopping down a tree. We will be reading our Bibles and drinking hot chocolate”. It does sound good, doesn’t it? My reality however is Christmas hyperbole. Over-spending, carb-loading, antlers and a red nose on my mini-van madness. Ok, I do the first two. I have not quite succumbed to the nose and antlers. It’s coming. Of this I am sure.

     We do what we know. This is the celebration I have always known. A part of my cranium bemoans every year the Santa focused, bank account draining, mind- numbing whirlwind…………..and yet, what other time of year gives us the freedom to bring up our savior more freely than now? What other time of year can we take a sugary plate of goodies to our neighbors house with an invite to our churches Christmas Eve service taped to it? Not only that, but we can put cards in the mail (or email) inviting loved ones to come to know the babe in the manger for what He truly is….. the Savior of the world.

     There truly is goodness and redemption in all of the over-production. We just need to peel back some of the layers. Knowing that the sovereign God of the universe never takes His eyes off of our situation and uses all things for the good. There would not be cause for all the hoopla if Jesus did not come and live and die for us. Oh yes, and He defeated the grave. So, fellow revelers, look past a lot of the “stuff” this time of year to get to the good stuff. Jesus is with us, in the midst of all the tinsel, sprinkles and wrapping paper. He is the reason for all of the inexplicable excitement! He will always be the reason for this season. He is the cause to celebrate!

     Now, would you please excuse me?……………I need to check my drive way. I’m quite sure there will be a Mercedes parked there with a big red bow on top.

Sallys Baking Addiction Ultimate Magic Cookie Bars. » Sallys Baking Addiction

Sallys Baking Addiction Ultimate Magic Cookie Bars. » Sallys Baking Addiction.