Let Go and Eat Cookies

I tend to be a little insecure about people attending my parties. There you go I said it. Insecure. I invited a large group of women to my cookie exchange party a few years back, and well three whole girls came. My hospitality “gene” was crushed, poor me. Don’t get me wrong, I love to pieces the girls that came, but hey, how many delicious cookies can we swap with three participants?

     I know. Christmas is SUCH a busy time of year. Yada, yada, yada. However, back in the day, in my old neighbor hood in good old Florida, I did throw a last-minute cookie exchange party in which I had to pack the girls in! Ah, success. Ego lifted, cookies exchanged, memories made. My tactic for this party was: ” Look girls, we have spent the past month (or more) running around for everybody else. Stuffing turkeys, sending out Christmas cards, planning school parties. This list could go on forever………………………….But here is the deal. What if we bake some cookies, let hubbie deal with the kiddos for the night and party like it’s 1999? Girls night in with flour, sugar and butter. “What about mommy time”? It worked, they came.  

     So, I plan on swimming into the shark infested waters of my insecurities again, and sending out the e-vites for the cookie exchange. Yikes. How will it go? If I build it, will they come? We shall see. In the mean time: Happy, happy, happy Thanksgiving! Peace, Love, Cookies.



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