Breaking Bad

While strolling on Face Book this morning I read a blog from a mommy about her regret and shame. This mommy yelled at her little girl because the little one did not clean up a mess she made.  Not many mommies will escape being the “yelling mommy” version of ourselves at times. Sigh. 

     In my own mommy career, which has now spanned a couple of decades, I have observed (and hopefully learned) a couple of things about anger. It is something we learn, along with all the great things we learn in our childhood experience, come the not so good too.

     How is it possible to keep the “good” we learn from our past and minimize the bad? Well, with out having any type of degree in psychology, I can only observe, change and pray. “Breaking bad” the only way I know how.

It doesn’t take a great deal of self-analysis when it comes to anger and rage. We know when we have completely blown it with our kids (or in traffic, the grocery store, etc.) That stab in the heart that only regret can produce is all too sharp.

How do I change? Like all PHD’s worth their salt, (which I am NOT a member of this club), recognizing that something needs to change is truly the first step in any process. How to change things we don’t want to continue on generationally is a whole other monster to be dealt with. I am all about professional counseling, I honestly believe God himself gave us people who are gifted in this area, so go for it, time well spent to break a legacy we don’t want to hand down generation to generation. Your future husband, wife, partner, children will reap the benefits of our positive changes.

Last, but most definitely, not least is prayer. When I think about prayer, I try not to let my angry little feet hit the floor with out asking, begging and beseeching God to permit me to actually be the person that I pretend to be. Let me remind myself that in 1 Peter 5:8 it says: “The devil is your enemy and he goes around LIKE a lion looking for someone to attack and eat”. He is not a lion he is only LIKE a lion. He does not have to prevail in our lives. Generational cycles do not have to prevail either, they are not who we are, they only look LIKE who we are. We really can be overcomer’s! Yea : ) Happy Week-ending!


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