Eating My Way Through the House of Mouse

I just returned from a 4 day stay at Disney World with DD and HD. It was a trip for DD’s 13th birthday. Yea! Visiting Disney World in July is much like giving birth to more than one child. It is extremely uncomfortable, but you are almost always willing to do it again. Kind of what I would refer to during the dog days of summer as “The crappiest, happiest place on earth”

Now back to the 4 day stay……………………we incorporated the food plan this visit. Economically a sound decision, but I am quite sure we committed the biblical offense of gluttony. By the time we got to darling daughters actual birthday dinner ( dinner with all the princesses ) on day four, we had eaten our way through 4 days of of snacks, 4 days of counter service meals and 4 days of sit down dinners! Large portions, pretty yummy and lots of fun. I am not complaining mind you, just feeling a little over-indulgent to say the least.

All in all the food on any vacation is what I mostly look forward to. Yes, seeing friends and family is up there in the top 2 reasons to vacation, but the food is what makes life worth living. Ice cream shaped in chocolate mouse ears, swirled frozen orange juice with vanilla ice cream and crème Brule to die for at Cinderella’s Royal Banquet. Yes, there is a pattern here……………..loving the creamy carbs. In all fairness I did consume a couple of salad’s. But I can’t say they were extremely memorable……

And don’t think the employee’s ( cast members, as the are called ) aren’t hip to the food loving visitors to their magical place of employment. The hysterical waiter we had at the 50’s Café at Hollywood Studios had a mantra he told all of his patrons. “No Tower for at least one hour.” Of course, referring to the Tower of Terror ride. No problem for me, falling down an elevator shaft is not my idea of fun. But, DD and HD needed to heed the warning, as they found this ride most thrilling.

Anyway, I feel most blessed to have been able to take a trip to Disney World with my sweet, now teen-ager before princess and all things mouse become un-cool ( maybe they never will become un-cool ). And I know, all of these things will become magical again, when she has little princes and princess of her own and she will see life through their little eyes. Awesome. But for now, I must go to the kitchen to cook up some steel-cut oats and slice a grape fruit in half. Ah, paying penance for my lovely 4 days of gluttony. Sigh.


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