The Funny Truth of “At Me” Living

I am a huge fan of Momastery’s Glennon Doyle Melton. I crack up at all of the “why didn’t I think of that”? moments that I have when I read her blog. Because I have thought them a million times!

     But the one truth of Glennon’s that is so true for me is the “At Me” moments.
You are serving your kiddo’s a Happy Meal or a Lunchable or some other, “I am doing this because I am truly time and energy starved at the moment” meal. And someone whips out her organic left overs from last night, served in an environmentally, sustainable container for her kiddos. This should not bother me. But, my insecurities take over. I want to so badly say: “Would you please stop healthy, organic eating “At Me”? Or, would you please stop your: I’m on my 5th vacation this year pictures on Face Book “At Me”. Or my personal favorite: Stop, at once, your: I drive a Mercedes SUV “At Me”!

   Ok, truth is no one wakes up in the morning with the sole ambition to rock my little world. They have their own “At Me’s” to deal with. But when I am having an exceptionally insecure day, week, month, year, it sure seems like the entire universe is out to “At Me”.

     So next month, I am attending the wedding of a dear friend in Florida. I am bringing my camera. We will also be taking darling daughter to Disney World for her birthday. I am bringing my camera. Will I try to “At Me” all of my friends on Face Book? No doubt about it.

     Love, Peace, Joy………………………………



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