I Am So Stuck

coconut-mousse_lYou know the old and odd commercial. An old woman falls and she famously calls out: “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” I said it was old, not funny………….Well I have one of my own: “Help! I’m stuck and I can’t get unstuck!”

This is so how I feel about blogging. Everyday for the past couple of weeks I look at my blog and see something staring back at me that has not changed or been updated for quite some time. Now, I sincerely know that I am not Pioneer Women or Momestary or the like, but yes, oh how I would love to be. And I know the world ( not even my little world) is waiting with bated-breath for my amazing revelations and insights. But, I do feel some level of responsibility to my fledgling little blog. The poor neglected thing.

Part of my problem is my complete lack of technology. For me, Facebook and email is about a far as it goes in the land of techno. Dear Hubbie is a traveling man, so my techno genius is gone way too much to get me savvy on these issues. And quite honestly, I start to hear white noise if things get too challenging, technology speaking.

So badly do I want to be “that” blog with the beautiful recipes, lovely photos and words of wisdom. How I covet the seductive photo’s of six layer coconut cake and slightly browned chicken pot pie. You know the photo’s with the “fuzzy” back grounds on beautiful milk glass with a Martha “Stewartesque” quality to it all. Sigh.

So pray for me people, you few who might be reading this silly little entry. Pray I stop hearing white noise when doing an online tutorial or reading an instructional manual, as, I would truly rather eat worms. (Oh yes, and pray for world peace too, as this may be a tad higher on the hierarchy of needs).

So, if you see that I have installed a recipe “plug in” or you see a photo with that coveted “fuzzy” background, realize that I have broken free, had an answer to prayer and actually read a “how to manual” without getting all glassy eyed. Love, Peace and Joy!


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