“Weeds in the Flower Bed”

5377681460_bd5e0c9519_mNow that Spring has arrived, well trying to in my neck of the woods. I am noticing weeds in the beds, I would call them flower beds, however, there are no flowers in the flower beds as of yet. Working on that one. So,” weeds in the faded mulch from last summer” bed. I pick some weeds and more pop up. And so it goes. Weeds can be tantamount to troubles. One problem gets resolved and sure enough, another one pops up. There are different levels of weeds and troubles, mind you. There are the massive unwanted vines in life such as earthquakes, world hunger, cancer and human beings exacting all kinds of crazy on each other. Daily. I can’t explain it, I don’t understand it. I will leave that to a theological expert, and that is truly not me.

Reading the news or watching it on TV one might think they have heard it all. But no, it’s just another “weed” in the garden of life. And it is not just the big, news worthy events in life that threaten to overtake us. No, everyday life has it’s fair share of weeds. The car gets fixed, the lawn mower blows up. The washing machine gets repaired, the dryer ceases to dry. A family member or friend gets that much-needed answer to prayer and some one else’s life drifts into crisis mode. Trying.

Handling all of life’s weeds and worries is not easy nor pleasant. Wading into the thick of things for ourselves and others, can be exhausting and tricky. But we are not meant to weed or wade alone. Christ died so we may live. He is the vine and we are the branches. With out the branch, the vines can get gnarly. Many times it feels as if we are all alone fighting the weeds and worries. But, experience has shown me time and again that Christ is right there next to me picking the weeds and woes from each and every day. Even on those days when we don’t feel or acknowledge His presence, he is right there next to us. Weeding out the bad stuff and bringing peace at exactly the right moment. I scream and cry and weed. Next I praise and sing and dance.  He is so good. “I am the vine; you are branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:15 (NIV)


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