“The Other Kind of Homeschool Mom”

3122869991_c15255d889_mI have always home schooled my 12 year old daughter, with the exception of her 5th grade year. We let her ” get on the bus ” for 5th grade and attend public school, ( the fantasy of most home schooled children is to have the fabulous yellow school bus experience). We are now back to home schooling for the 6th grade at darling daughter’s request. Mind you her experience in public school was not bad, it just wasn’t her thing. Home schooling is her “normal.” As a home school mommy I have had to resist the urge to become someone other than me. I thought briefly about becoming someone else, but I simply did not have the energy or inclination. Maybe it’s because I’m somewhat older than a lot of the  area’s home school mommies, not sure. Am I different?  Well,  with the exception of teaching my daughter at home, everything else about my life is  NOT evident of  home school mommy behavior, at least that I have observed. I have home schooled long enough and with enough different home school groups to know that you do not need to don a she-mullet and long pinafore to join the ranks of home school mommies. You can even  watch TV if you choose to. In fact, some of the most stylish mommies I know home school and watch the occasional guilty pleasure on the tube!  However, where I tried, but miserably failed to fall into the ranks were on the topics of food, medicine and modern conveniences. I tried, really tried to  buy into the” grind your own gluten free bread genre”. I would love to have nothing but organic or better yet, home-grown fruits and veggies fill up my refrigerator. Alas, my poor little darling must get her fruit and veggies  from Publix or ALDI and her bread will most likely be wrapped in plastic and pre-sliced.( In spite of this she appears to be a really cool, healthy kid).  I don’t visit  naturopathic doctors or shop, as a rule at Whole Foods. Don’t get me wrong, I love Whole Foods. When I do purchase organic anything, I do have a bit of a” superior mommy moment” when I open the refrigerator and see the words “organic” staring me in the face. But that feeling is not enough to stifle “practical” mommy, who loves ALDI and saving money. And on the subject of essential oils, the only oil I find truly “essential” is extra virgin olive oil. I’m Italian, fugedaboutit.  I tried, I really tried to get on board with homeopathy and kicking my microwave to the curb. But I had to look at the evidence, and well, I truly believe God gave us doctor’s and many modern conveniences for our own good.( And to quite possibly save our fragile 21st century sanity). So, carry on organic mommies, and carry on pedestrian mommies! There is enough room in the  colorful world of home school mommies for us all. Now, if you would please excuse me I have a Twinkie calling my name.


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