Who art thou, O great mountain?

    • 3104441274_de005c6ac2_mWhile in church this Sunday a guest pastor read from Zechariah 4:7: ” Who art thou, O great mountain?” This can translate so many ways to each person. What are these mountains? Large tree, grass, or snow-covered stone? Well, yes. But not here. Here, in this passage the mountain may be a something or possibly a someone or many times a seemingly  impenetrable situation in our lives. Impenetrable to who? Me? Yes. God? No. God tells us that we can do all things through Him in Philippians 4:13  He also tells us we can do nothing without Him in John 15:5.  All of our manipulating and controlling behavior will not move our “mountains.” Ah, so I can’t tell that mountain to jump into the lake and it will jump? No, the mountain is not a huge piece of granite or stone. God is imploring us to stop banging our heads against the mountain and please, give it to Him. What ever “it” is. Give me your pain, doubt, fear, anxiety, failures, grief, loved ones and every other impossible situation and let Me move it. Today God? Please today??? Maybe. Maybe not. Timing is such a huge part of this mountain moving process.  Trusting God’s timing translates into faith. This can be difficult, as timing is a thing we may think we have the perfect perspective on and we may think we know exactly when a situation needs an answer to it. Letting go, surrendering and trusting the maker of all things beautiful with the details and timing of our mountain removal can be unnerving and seem down right impossible. However, God is the ultimate good parent, and remover of all mountains, great and small. He knows when to let us bang our heads against the mountain, He also knows when to stand in front of the mountain and hold our faces in His hands and say: now beloved, we will do it my way. Yes, I will deal with this mountain. Let me show you how and when. Take your gaze off that large, imposing mountain and look at me. I love you and you can trust Me. Jesus replied, “What’s impossible with man, is possible with God”. Luke 18:27 (NIV).

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