Life on the Shores of the Perfect Life……………oh, hold up, that was someone else’s blog….

Shock the Monkey.....

Shock the Monkey…..

  • For many a young and naïve year I knew, simply knew that the perfect life was out there, somewhere, like over the rainbow maybe. This warped view was a bit  based on too many years of voraciously consuming TV shows such as The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family and Family Affair.  Weekly dilemmas were handily resolved by perfect mommies, daddies, and a kind, wise, all-knowing butler, aka. Mr. French. All of this fabulousness transpired in perfectly spotless surroundings.  When you turned off that 1970’s sitcom fare, you did have to actually get up and turn the tube off and watch the little white dot fade into the screen. Fun times. ( I will refrain from letting you know how many miles I walked to school up hill in the snow, as I grew up in flat, sunny Florida).
  •   Fast forward to the new millennium. Today’s TV watching kids need to be reminded that they will not be wizards, dancers on a Chicago version of American Band Stand or be the center of their own universe on their own reality show, although on this last one you never know. Home schooling mommy and daughter reality show? Maybe. Oh, I forgot,” 19 Kids and Counting”, the Duggar’s home school! Rats.
  • And Pinterest. Addictive, lovely Pinterest. The scrolling pages dreams are made of.  Beautiful people, houses, recipes, fashion, what ever your little heart desires. I want to crawl into my computer and really start living!  Ok, I do love Pinterest, I will deal with this addiction when the time is right.
  • Living the life we are given  is eminently more interesting, emotional and messy, very messy at times. Living can be totally out of control during seasons and boring as watching paint dry on occasion. The families most of us are dropped into have some serious improving to do when compared to these fabulous people of American folklore.  It has only taken me  decades to come to the spiritually healthier truth of Jesus: ” I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 NIV.
  •  But I’m good with that, most days.

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