The Procrastination Stops Today!

DD with camera.........

DD with camera………

Blogging terrifies me. I have procrastinated on writing my very first blog by painfully dragging my feet on which design to use on my spanking new blog. Well here it is, hope you like it.

        Now onward and upward. Not that you might possibly care, but on the outside chance that you are reading this, a little bit about me.

     1. I love, absolutely love cooking, cupcakes are a current favorite. Yes, I know a tad behind the trend in stating this, but I have loved them from the beginning.


     2. Home schooling is the current method of teaching our DD at the moment, taking it one year at a time. Our two boys are now men, one in the business world and the other in the Air Force. Love them and miss them……………sigh*


      3. Faith, food and family……………….not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, not even close, but rolling with the punches.


4. What I love today: Iced coffee!


     coffee of your choice

     crushed ice (or what ever kind you have handy)

     half and half to taste

     what ever type of sweetness you prefer, I use stevia leaf


                    Mix your ingredients in a coffee cup just like you would for hot coffee, stir well, pour over lots of ice in a tall glass. Place tall delicious beverage in a cup holder in the mini van and take a relaxing drive……………………Happy Spring!


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